Mem û Zîn

The legend tells the tragic story of two young lovers. Mem, young Kurdish boy of the "Alan" clan and heir of the City of the West, fell in love with Zîn, the clan "Botan" and daughter of the governor of Botan.

They meet at the Newroz Kurdish New Year celebrations. Their union is blocked by Beko of the Bakran clan, the antagonists of Mem û Zîn throughout history, jealous of the two cursed lovers.

Mem finally dies in a plot engineered by Beko. When Zin learns the news, she collapses crying Mem's death on her grave. The immense pain leads to her death and she is buried next to Mem, in Cizre.

The news of the death of Mem and Zin is spreading rapidly among the people. When Beko's role in the tragedy is revealed, Tacdîn, Mem's best friend, kills him. Beko will be buried next to the tombs of Mem and Zin.

Before he died, Zin said, "It is because of Beko that we could not meet, so I want him to witness our love. If he dies, bury him beside me and Mem."

However, a thorny bush, fed by the blood of Beko, grows on his grave: the roots of evil penetrate deeply into the land of the tombs of Mem and Zine, thus separating them, even in death.