Kurdish Legends

Epic stories and Kurdish mythology

BlackSmith Kawa & Newroz

The blacksmith Kawa is a mythical character of the old Median and Persian Empire who led a popular revolt of the Mesopotamian against a horrible king, Zuhak (Dehak). His story is told in the epic poem of Xe century entitled The Book of Kings (Shahnameh ) of the poet Firdevsi.

The history of Newroz belongs to the Legend of Blacksmith Kawa.


Mem û Zîn

Mem û Zîn‎ is a Kurdish classic love story written down 1692 and is considered to be the épopée of Kurdish literature. It is the most important work of Kurdish writer and poet Ehmedê Xanî (1651-1707).

Mem û Zîn is based on a true story, laid down from generation to generation through oral tradition. The content is similar to a Romeo and Juliet story. For Kurds, Mem û Zîn are symbols of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan, which are separated and cannot come together.


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